It’s hard to remember sometimes why I put in so many hours grading, with all the tedious time I put into giving detailed and constructive feedback to help my students grow and develop as individuals for my class, their future courses, and their future careers.

Therefore, this page is a repository for me to remember all of the wonderful feedback I have received in 2018 from my students. The student names are omitted for privacy, and are numbered starting with the first message received:

March 2018:

Student 1: Hello Professor,

I would like to say thank you for all that you have done for me. You have given me some great information that I can use along the way in the future. All the great feedback you have given me during the course of this class will be very valuable to me and I will use it to the best of my abilities. It will be because of you that I will become better with my writing process.

April 2018

Student 2: The professor is an excellent instructor who gives individual attention and great feedback, as well as guidance for the upcoming assignment. The course was really good and challenging.

July 2018

Student 3: Thanks Jenny!

Appreciate all your support and patience during the past five weeks. I can definitely say that I am more conscious about my writing now, even when I’m posting on social media. I was actually posting some fun facts about the 4th of July yesterday. I cited all my sources Smile in case any of my Facebook friends decide to ask me more about my posting, and to prove that I got my facts from established sources. PLUS, it get to practice citation.

All the best!

Student 4: I loved Ms. Jenny as my instructor. Her work was broken down so that I as a new online college student could understand. She gave GREAT feedback that helped with the future assignments and even though we have only been acquainted online, you can tell she is a good person. I will miss her as my instructor.

Student 5: Jenny is very knowledgeable, she gives us very helpful feedback on our work. She’s warm and is always on top of things. I personally find it amazing that she gives us our feedback really fast, considering that we are writing essays.

Student 6: The faculty has been awesome and always ready to help. They are very flexible.


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