Heidi after she got home from her operation

Our house is definitely one that loves our kitties, and in July of 2018, we saved Heidi from a local shelter. She was the sweetest, little most loving girl. When I picked her up, she purred and rolled over in my arms, burying her face against me. She just wanted to be held and loved on. The shelter employees suspected that she was a Russian Blue mix, but they had no information about her origins, although they thought her birthday was May 3rd.

Unfortunately, URIs were going around at the time and a few days after going home, she got very sick. For the next few months, she battled respiratory infections. It was tough, but her family loved her and wouldn’t give up. Her spay appointment was delayed because, as her vet, Dr. Ahmed of Hesperia Animal Hospital, said, “She is a very sick kitty” and he worried about her immune system. After several rounds of antibiotics, B12 shots, and immune support, she was cleared to go get her spaying completed, but after spaying, she developed a new URI and was sick again. Back she went on antibiotics for several more weeks before she was finally declared free of it.

Heidi, feeling a little better on prednisolone

Finally, at a year old, she seemed fine. Not so! Some time in mid to late September, she started to cough. It was just a little cough, like a furball, but over a few weeks, it got worse. We realized it was not normal and took her in for a checkup on October 9th. The vet panicked and said she was dehydrated and underweight – she had never been a big “eater,” and being skinny was pretty normal for her, but the extent of her weight loss was hard to determine without regularly scheduled weigh ins (since then, we obtained a baby scale and weigh her regularly). She started coughing and losing weight, getting tired with no appetite.

Heidi, 2 days prior to GS

The vet hospitalized her for two nights, and 3 days, during which she had multiple x-rays, bloodwork, and an urinalysis. It turns out fluid had accumulated within her chest cavity and collapsed one of her lungs. After a fluid draining, cytology on the fluid, and the return of her bloodwork, it was determined that this sweet little girl had FIP on Oct 16th.

She had to have two operations – one to remove fluid, and one to remove air that took its place, keeping the lung collapsed. She was placed on prednisolone, clavamox, and gentamicin sulfate drops for her stuffy nose. Her vets did lots of research and had heard of a cure being studied. They separately wanted to give her GS-441524, but weren’t allowed to – they even reached out to the studies to beg for help, but were denied any further assistance. They were giving some tips for palliative care, but that was it. Her vets told us to give her lots of love – they feared the worse would come sooner, rather than later.

Heidi, Day 3 of GS

We loved her so much and

posted about her on Instagram. She was

improving on the prednisolone, at least a little bit, and that was certainly good, but we knew it was just a matter of time before the fluid came back. Someone contacted me there and told me about FIP Warriors on Facebook. The admins reached out and gave me lots of information about it, and the costs involved to treat her.

Heidi, Day 6 of GS

It took a little while to find information and make the decision to go forward, as well as some moving of funds to be able to afford the expensive treatments, but Heidi took her first injection of Shire on Nov. 6th. She didn’t like it, but quickly showed improvement.

Heidi, Day 9 of GS

If everything works out, her graduation date with be January 28th, 2020. We can’t wait! She gains weight, strength, and energy every day!

Heidi, Day 11 of GS

As of 11/16/19, she has had 11 shots, and she is doing fantastic! We are so shocked by her improvements. I cannot wait for graduation!


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