Each year, I start a new positive feedback repository. These little notes from students help me to remember why it is that I do as much as I can to help my students be successful and gain the useful skills they need to be better future students and create a better future for themselves. This can be tough at times – especially when pulling late, long hours reading essay after essay, trying to give detailed and specific feedback.

Keeping these little notes from my students helps me remember why I work so hard, and helps me to understand the influence I make on students. In 2022, I had 32 students leave me comments.

Student 1: I love the feedback my peer and instructor gave they gave me insight to help me become a better writer

Student 2: The class structure for new students successfully gets students acclimated to being in a classroom environment again. The instructors are knowledgeable and available.

Student 3: Instructor was very informative and helpful, and encouraging.

Student 4: The professor was very detailed in her assignments that she had assigned. She also gave back very good feedback. I really enjoyed this course, as it made me more confident in my writings.

Student 5: Everyone is super nice, my instructor answered questions on time every time, and was always looking to help me succeed in anyway I can.

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