2023 Positive Feedback Repository

Each year, I start a new positive feedback repository. These little notes from students help me to remember why it is that I do as much as I can to help my students be successful and gain the useful skills they need to be better future students and create a better future for themselves. This can be tough at times – especially when pulling late, long hours reading essay after essay, trying to give detailed and specific feedback.

Keeping these little notes from my students helps me remember why I work so hard, and helps me to understand the influence I make on students. In 2022, I had 32 students leave me comments. https://jennysuemark.com/2022-positive-repository/.

Student 1: I love the feedback my peer and instructor gave they gave me insight to help me become a better writer

Student 2: The class structure for new students successfully gets students acclimated to being in a classroom environment again. The instructors are knowledgeable and available.

Student 3: Instructor was very informative and helpful, and encouraging.

Student 4: The professor was very detailed in her assignments that she had assigned. She also gave back very good feedback. I really enjoyed this course, as it made me more confident in my writings.

Student 5: Everyone is super nice, my instructor answered questions on time every time, and was always looking to help me succeed in anyway I can.

Student 6: Everyone in my course and the intructors are amazing, and always willing to help you through anything. The only thing I can say is that the faculty member is amazing.

Student 7: I am likely to recommend University of Phoenix to a colleague, friend or family member without question. University of Phoenix has a great community for working adults. The communication between staff and student is great and the five-week classes are awesome for busy adults.

Student 8: Professor Mark was very active in all classes. Always gave feedback.

Student 9: Being a student here at the University of Phoenix, I have improved so much in the 5 months I have been on my journey so far. I have learned so much about myself. I realized I have to work on a lot within myself to help lead me toward my success. I have become more confident and wise as a woman and I am so grateful for this and the previous courses I have taken so far. My professor in this course was extremely informative and very trustworthy with her resources and her commitment to helping me succeed. I was so pleased to have experienced her and her inspirational influence!

Student 10: I am highly likely to recommend the University of Phoenix to friends and family members because they are very helpful with registering and the instructors in the classes are very understanding and helpful.

Student 11: Hi Professor – As my finish my last assignment for this class, I’m caught in disbelief that this term is officially over! I learned a ton about persuasive essays, myself, and time management thanks to this course. Thank you so much for your great feedback and responsiveness throughout the term. Best of luck with your students next term!

Student 12: With this being the last assignment submission, I’d just like to say thank you for everything you’ve done for myself and the rest of the class over the last eight weeks! I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous taking this class again, so I’m glad I could really buckle down and keep up this time around. With this being said, I couldn’t help but realize it seems like one of my peers had a similar fate this semester. I really feel for him and I hope he can nail it a second time around, or that he does well in whatever he decides to do! Now I feel as though I’m rambling kind of, so I’ll close with another thank you for everything! 🙂

Student 13: Here is my final paper Jenny. I have to say I have truly enjoyed this class and have seen myself grow as a writer because of it. Hopefully I can have you as a professor again for a future class. It has been a pleasure to be in your class and I love how involved you were throughout the course. 🙂

Student 14: Professor Mark helped me with her very thorough feedback. I appreciated all of the feedback she had given me throughout the course because it helped further my knowledge and understanding as well as helped me learn from my mistakes.

Student 15: Very Supportive Instructor, and she is extremely helpful with recommended resources to improve with our writing.

Student 16: Very supportive, She was a great instructor, her instructions and feedback is very helpful as well as easy to process, it will definitely help me in my future courses that involves writing a single source essay.

Student 17: I appreciate Ms. Mark. I believe she really cares about her students’ education and gave me many helpful hints and ways to learn more.

Student 18: Just wanted to send a note this end of term – I enjoyed having you as an instructor! Definitely the best experience in a comp course I’ve ever had. I gained a lot of knowledge that I’ll carry with me into the future.

Student 19: It was a pleasure to have you as my Professor, thank you for challenging me. Take care 🙂

Student 20: It was a pleasure having you as my instructor. Thank you for the feedback and for teaching me how to better my writing.

Student 21: The instructor left very helpful resources and constructive criticism. She was wonderful and helpful.

Student 22: The feedback from the instructor was extremely helpful. My instructor was very helpful when I encountered problems. She helped explain things to where I could understand and overcome the problem. This course was helpful in teaching me to write better papers which will be helpful in my chosen field.

Student 23: Instructor was very professional, friendly, and helpful. If I’m to pursue a graduate degree, it’s very important to be a good writer and researcher. I feel that this course has helped improve my academic writing, especially after being out of school for 8 years.

Student 24: I enjoyed the numerous steps in creating a persuasive essay. Breaking it down by weeks helped me retain the information. She provides excellent feedback and answers emails quickly. I enjoyed having her as my instructor. My goal is to become a journalist and eventually an author. Learning different writing styles will be beneficial for my future.

Student 25: Thanks for challenging me, you’re a great professor, and thanks for all your helpful feedback. It was challenging and it’s not easy writing essays but I can’t really say I dislike anything about the course because I’m learning and isn’t that the point of getting an education? There’s nothing to dislike. English composition class equips me with better writing skills, including proper grammar usage and punctuation skills. It’s relevant throughout my life.

Student 26: Mrs. Mark was excellent throughout the entire course. Her posts and directions were clear and easy to follow. I loved her enthusiasm and passion for this course…it was inspiring. My favorite instructor so far. I loved everything about this course. Although I’m going for the AS in Computer Science, I truly enjoyed this course. It was inspiring and refreshing. All required assignments made sense and were easy to follow. English is not my first language and this course gave me confidence in my writing skills.

Student 27: Professor Mark was an amazing instructor! I learned so much in her class and her feedback as well as her kindness motivated me to work harder to get the best grade possible in her course to show her skills as an instructor!

Student 28: I really enjoyed Professor Mark’s course. She is a wonderful and helpful teacher. I am grateful for her help.

Student 29: I enjoyed this course very much. Professor Mark is just wonderful and very helpful.

Student 30: Jenny is a great composition teacher. She provided thorough feedback to help with every assignment, and always encouraged us to keep an open mind. She has helped me develop crucial composition skills and critical thinking skills.

Student 31: I appreciate all the help/feedback you have given me throughout the course. I’ve learned so many things, especially making papers in APA format which will benefit me in future courses and in my future career.

Student 32: I really enjoyed this class. I don’t feel like the instructor needed to change anything. She was very helpful and provided resources, links and videos to encourage the students to get a better understanding of what the lesson was for the week. She responded quickly to emails and feedback. When I would get stuck, she would suggest different strategies to get me thinking more on the topic at hand.

Student 33: I really enjoyed this course and you have helped me become a better writer.

Student 34: Jenny Mark does a very good job giving feedback and giving clear instruction.

Student 35: Good beginning class to learn about the basics of composition.

Student 36: Solid professor, would take her classes in the future.

Student 37: Great teachers and staff members.

Student 38: I would recommend anyone to the University of Phoenix to everyone because this school is very helpful and all of the teachers are willing to help you in any way possible.

Student 39: I have loved all of my classes so far, and I feel all the classes are structured so that Im getting the most from the classes well not feeling overwhelmed.

Student 40: Very helpful staff that assists with a pleasant and successful experience.

Student 41: My instructor was very responsive and helpful. Truly works with my busy life schedule.

Student 42: So far my experience has been very good with the university, and it works really well with my schedule.

Student 43: It’s been so easy to incorporate my continued education into my busy life.

Student 44: The classes have been have helped my mental health a lot coming out of a different university. The professors are extremely helpful and so are the staff. The work load is never too much and it works so well with my job and ADHD. All of the faculty members I have had have been so helpful especially being new to this school and learning environment.

Student 45: My professor was helpful from the beginning. If asked questions, she was swift to respond. I learned a lot from her course, and I would recommend her to friends and peers.

Student 46: This school is great it’s a great pace and they work fantastic with your needs.

Student 47: This has been a great experience so far.

Student 48: Teacher communicated well and gave good tips on discussions and feedback on assignments.

Student 49: Jenny Mark is a great instructor. She is always available. She goes above and beyond to let her students know she is there to help. I really liked how engaged she was.

Student 50: She’s very good at encouraging us students! I love the feedback from her as well. I love this school. The instructors are very helpful and nice. The courses are amazing.

Student 51: The only thing I can say is that the faculty member is amazing. The reason for this is because since I started school it has good and everyone in my course and the instructors are amazing, and always willing to help you through anything. English course I struggled a little bit with, but I know I would get through it if I worked hard enough. I would like to say it did teach me some good things and that it is going to help me in the future.

Student 52: Well, the instructor of this class, Jenny Mark, is fantastic about the information she posts in the discussion board. She is a great instructor, I think. I’m not sure if she’s mostly taught online classes, but she sure seems to have a grasp of how it all works! She will give a lot of examples in the discussion board posts for us to look at and then ask questions about those examples. It really makes you stop and think.

Student 53: Jenny Mark is a phenomenal teacher. She is very expressive in the work that she assigns. Her feedback let’s you know where you can improve. Her tone is very approachable when giving feedback.

Student 54: My instructor was so lovely. Truly made me feel so excited to get schoolwork done. She always gave me great feedback and I truly feel as though it helped my writing. This course was great. I loved that we kind of got to choose our own topics to write about and got to learn in a more conclusive way. Overall great class. Overall English will always be vital and something you can always improve on.

Student 55: You do a great job and I am truly going to miss having you as my instructor. I have learned so much from this course. Have a great Sunday.

Student 56: Thank you Instructor Mark, for pointing out some good helpful tips for me to revert to; it really helped. I think I have improved so much, however still much work to do but I can say I have a better understand for the concept and profile of writing. I want to finish this course with a bang!

Student 57: I can’t believe we are already five weeks into this course. I have enjoyed this course and this is the beginning of me becoming a better writer. I am extremely confident and ready to finish this year off strong. I was nervous about writing before I started this curse but I am really confident now.

Student 58: I really enjoyed taking this class. Thank you for being so patient with me. Lecture was easy to understand, and instructions were clear. I hope my weekly journals did not bore you ;). Thank you,

Student 59: I feel like my instructor was AMAZING with the feedback I received; I knew exactly what to fix on my next assignment. The grammar assistance also helped me when I was struggling with making complete sentences and using the correct punctuation. This class was very awesome to me and really helped me and I appreciate everything.

Student 60: Thank you so much for being such an amazing professor! I absolutely enjoyed your course and am planning to take composition II in my junior year of highschool. Thank you again and I hope you have a great year.
Professor mark is a gem. She’s very supportive and helpful. This was the perfect starter course to integrate myself back into college. The course really encouraged me to reflect on my quality of work

Student 61: All the lectures were very informative with instructions easy to follow. The instructor was very nice and I can tell she really cares about the students. Sent out weekly reminders. Very thankful

Student 62: The reason I love English now, she made it exiting and she cared about everything! She needs a raise she was very patient and always knew what I needed before I did. I love the class because of her. Keep her whatever you do not let her go she is valuable and necessary, I hope she is my English 2 instructor, can you please do that for me? Please 🙏

Student 63: This instructor is AWESOME

Student 64: I like the extra work the teachers put into giving the students articles to read to give a little extra understanding. The curriculum is easy to stay up to speed and on time. It is also very easy to understand. The teachers are very helpful and understanding.

Student 65: I love the support system, the resources offered, the commitment and dedication that everyone gives makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to reach for your goals. Everyone that I have talked to form day 1 until now has been extremely helpful and supportive to my needs.

Student 66: Thank you so much for teaching me! You have taught me to write various types of essays that I did not know how to write. I also wanted to say thank you for providing me with feedback to help me better my writing! Thank you so much and have a good rest of your year!

Student 67: Thank you very much! This was my favorite class and truly a joy to participate in. Thank you for the feedback and for the personal investment in each student

Student 68: I think she did very well this semester. She answered any questions I had and really seems to care about the course and her students.

Student 69: I really enjoyed being apart of your class. Never not once did I feel less than another student and I believe that is just one quality that makes her a great professor.

Student 70: As we wrap up this class, I wanted to express my appreciation to you. I am currently taking two of my first college classes at the age of 46 and you have made it a wonderful experience. I will reflect on this class in the future with such positivity. While I still have room for improvement, I have learned so much. I wish you all the best! Maybe you will be a tutor for a future assignment 🙂

Student 71: She was great. Always answered promptly on questions or problems

Student 72: Jenny Mark is a wonderful instructor, she is very detailed and committed to help the students, she provides enough information to help student secede in this class, class is very well instructed.

Student 73: Jenny Mark is a wonderful instructor, she is very detailed and committed to help the students, she provides enough information to help student secede in this class, class is very well instructed.

Student 74: Professor Mark made this course very easy to understand and navigate through. This course has challenged me to think. I feel like it is well-designed and is set up for us to be successful. Professor Mark is an awesome professor. Her encouragement during her announcements and the knowledge she’s shared with each of us throughout this course has not gone unnoticed. She is an outstanding professor and I have enjoyed this English course 10 times better than the first. There is not anything that I disliked about this course. Only wish that I could have been able to take in-person classes.


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