Since early 2018, I realized how important it was to remember the positive aspects of teaching and what I am doing for my students. It’s easy to get bogged down by questions, complex issues, and the repetitiveness of grading, which is why I created my positive repository to help me remember all of the good that I do for my students and what I help them accomplish. That’s why I started keeping them as a reminder of the hard work I have done for my students!

Last year, I had a total of 49 students specifically leave me glowing feedback in after-class surveys or on the final day of a class as a private message, survey, or email, which can be found here: 2021 Positive Feedback Repository. How amazing is that??? I know many of my students won’t leave comments, or don’t complete evaluations at the end of the class, but I do appreciate those who take the time to do this.

I hope I can beat that number again for year 5! Thank you to all of my students for your comments. Please know that I appreciate every one of them!

Student 1: I just wanted to message you and say thank you. You are an amazing instructor I was never good at English you can even say I disliked it for the majority of my life but going through your course com 1010 was an amazing experience for me I learned so much about writing. I also want to thank you for understanding the week I had to take care of my sister because of her surgery and I missed the deadline of an assignment and you still let me turn in the work I cannot thank you enough for doing that for me. Again, thank you for being a great instructor. 

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