2021 Positive Feedback Repository

Since early 2018, I realized how important it was to remember the positive aspects of teaching and what I am doing for my students. It’s easy to get bogged down by questions, complex issues, and the repetitiveness of grading, which is why I created my positive repository to help me remember all of the good that I do for my students and what I help them accomplish. That’s why I started keeping them as a reminder of the hard work I have done for my students!

Last year, I had a total of 43 students specifically leave me glowing feedback in after-class surveys or on the final day of a class as a private message or email, which can be found here: 2020 Positive Feedback Repository. How amazing is that??? I know many of my students won’t leave comments, or don’t complete evaluations at the end of the class, but I do appreciate those who take the time to do this.

I hope I can beat that number again for year 4! Thank you to all of my students for your comments. Please know that I appreciate every one of them!


Student 1: This class was definitely an eye opener to all that I need to work on. I did enjoy the challenge I plan to be more organized and utilize my school resources moving forward. Thank you for all your feed back, it kept me motivated and driven to do better~!

Student 2: I have really enjoyed writing this paper. I feel I have grown as a writer, and will continue to challenge myself. I found the reflection process helpful to keep in mind for my future assignments. I did not see a requirement for a cover page in the rubric, so I did not include one. I hope you enjoy my reflection and I welcome your feedback on my paper and my reflection. It’s been a pleasure.

Student 3: Thank you so much for your feedback on the final draft of my essay. As a student coming from a different country, i have always been nervous about English classes and didn’t feel confident until this class. It means so much to me that you have encouraged me during this class to challenge myself and your constant feedback has developed me in so many ways and will help me so much in the future classes. I finish this class with a lot more confidence in myself and very happy with the results.

Student 4: Professor Mark gave detailed feedback, and posted a lot of announcements to help assist us with different aspects of the course.

Student 5: The instructor was awesome and always there to help you succeed.

Student 6: Jenny is always quick to answer any questions that I had. She provided great feed back in discussions by providing additional sources to further our understanding. She is an exceptional instructor.

Student 7: Instructor was VERY kind, understanding and did not give out too much work.

Student 8: Hello Ms. Jenny Mark, I appreciate all of the lessons and links to resources and more information.   This has been a Wonderful English Class. I am finishing the final touches on my Single Source Essay. You should get it as soon as possible.  Thank You. 

Student 9: Jenny Mark was awesome. I learned a lot from this class. Her feedback was always thorough and well thought out. She always explained herself in depth and why she gave the grades she did. I enjoyed her teaching.

Student 10: Jenny Mark is a incredible instructor. She truly goes above and beyond for her students.

Student 11: I have had a wonderful online experience with the instructor. Jenny was very helpful and kind when it came to my difficulties at hand. I appreciate all her help!

Student 12: Ms. Mark was an incredible teacher! Supportive, kind, and all-around amazing person! She was very insightful and helpful when it came to questions or concerns and was always easy to reach! I enjoyed this class even more because of her content and charisma! I would recommend 20 out of 20!

Student 13: I really enjoyed the class and my professor made it even more fun and captivating!

Student 14: I think you are doing a great job, Jenny! I do appreciate your consistent feedback within each grade you provide and the detailed responses you also provide within our discussion posts!

Student 15: As always, you are fantastic. I love how encouraging you are.

Student 16: I’d like to say that you are very encouraging with the feedback that you give and it makes me want to do better!!

Student 17: I think you’re the best english teacher i’ve actually ever have, you answer my questions your provide so much feedback and it’s really helpful.

Student 18: Thanks for the positivity. It was such a boost to my confidence. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about starting school again and your kind words of encouragement were wonderful.

Student 19: Thank you Jenny for all of you help. You were very helpful with all of your feedback and I appreciate you taking the extra time to always have a helpful tip in your weekly postings.

Student 20: The instructor Jenny Mark was very helpful. She explained what was expected and was clear about the assignments.

Student 21: Professor Mark was great. The feedback she provided on each assignment was very helpful and it made it easier for me to make improvements on my writing. Professor Mark was great. The feedback she provided on each assignment was very helpful and it made it easier for me to make improvements on my writing.

Student 22: I loved how personable my instructor was! She was amazing at answering any questions that I had in a very timely manner and was very encouraging and supportive! Ms. Mark was a fantastic instructor!

Student 23: Ms. Mark, thank you so much for your feedback. Your class has been my favorite so far! I feel like I can take all of the skills I learned and apply them into education, career, and personal life.

Student 24: Thank you for your teachings and the class! I have definitely learned a lot and it will for sure help me in my future college, and career!

Student 25: She was an excellent teacher with great feedback and quick responses. I had gotten really ill during the first week of the course and was nervous to start but she helped me through it and made me feel comforted and ready to go. I love her teaching style and professionalism.

Student 26: Professor Mark was amazing. She was always cheerful and helpful. She always answered all of my questions and helped with anything that I needed. I learned the basics that I need to succeed at Baker. I hope I’m able to have her as a Professor again in future classes!

Student 27: Professor, Jenny Mark, was an outstanding professor in the 8 week course as she was always available to answer my questions or provide content for when I was facing difficulty in an area. I enjoyed the class, its work and its discussions as they were thought provoking towards my daily life. I feel I have grew from this COM course, more so than the other two I’ve attempted at community college and I believe it was partially due to the content my instructor provided for us to learn how to create different forms of writing such as research with its references, and a summary review paper with how to properly review a piece. I wish Professor Mark a wonderful rest of the year and future happy holidays. Thank you for all your advice.

Student 28: Thank you for being one of the best teachers in all of my school years! You made everything easier for us to understand and succeed. I loved your class!

Student 29: Jenny was an amazing teacher, she was helpful and broke the information down. The things she taught me will help me throughout life and in my future career.

Student 30: I liked this class for the challenge it brought to me. I’ve always had a hard time when it came to writing essays and this class helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths.

Student 31: I really enjoyed this class. The assignments definitely pushed my writing skills, but I think I’m a better writer because of it. I am proud of the work and effort I put forth into learning the material. I feel like this class has prepared me well for future classes with writing and communication along with preparing me for my future career.

Student 32: This was one of my first courses starting school again after 10 years. I very much enjoyed learning as opposed to when I was 21. The instructor was very nice and helpful with feedback or pointers. Honestly having a good instructor can make all the difference so I was very happy with the instructor for this course. The class overall has helped me with my writing skills, sourcing, and layout of my papers. 

Student 33: The professor was excellent. She was quick to respond with feedback and questions I had. She was also understanding when I had an issue at home that led to me submitting one assignment late. I was provided an additional day which motivated me to get all future assignments submitted on time.

Student 34: Thank you for being helpful, patient, and nice. Those things go a long way for people who are trying their best as some may get discouraged easily. You made me feel good about my work and what I’m doing with going back to school. So thank you!

Student 35: She was great! I always had quick replies back to my questions and she was very helpful. Feedback was posted much faster than I thought!

Student 36: Professor Mark is a great teacher. She’s very informative and supportive. This course and her support was valuable to me. It helped me gain some confidence that I’ve been struggling to get back. Don’t ever stop smiling and being supportive. It means so much more than you may realize.

Student 37: I really enjoyed taking this class. Unfortunately I had a terrible experience with my first online course so taking this one had be very nervous. Professor Mark was wonderful! She made sure things were laid out in a clear manner that was easy to understand. She was also very helpful with reminders on due dates and making sure if we had issues with the way she was teaching that she would change things the best she could

Student 38: You have been a great teacher. I feel that I have learned a lot about my writing skills. I have also been able to find some interesting pieces of reading through this class, although I have never been one to enjoy reading. Overall, it was a great course to take and has become one of the best and one of my favorite classes that I have ever taken.

Student 39: Mrs. Mark was an exceptional instructor. She was so helpful at explaining the course work if I was struggling with it. She was very fast at responding to emails regarding questions that I had. She gave very good feedback on all assignments! I would recommend her to anyone that has to take this course and struggles with writing.

Student 40: I was going through a time of grievance and this professor helped connect me to resources which helped me cope with everything I was going through. She was very helpful and gave great positive feedback

Student 41: She is very helpful, extremely nice and awesome human being!! Keep up the amazing work! The university and it’s faculty members are extremely helpful and professional. The courses have so far, been very well explained and self explanatory. It has not been easy, but I feel that the instructors do their best to communicate and provide details on the course. Thank you!!

Student 42: I just like how the teachers and staff care about the student and want them to do great.

Student 43: I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for a great first class back into the academic world. I appreciated greatly all of your help, feedback, and general kindness! I hope you have an excellent rest of your day. 

Student 44: I really liked how this course gave me the tools and confidence I needed to become a better writer. I enjoyed seeing my progress weekly and the constructive feedback that my professor would give on improving my writing and also making me feel comfortable to ask for help when needed. I have nothing but great things about my instructor Jenny. I really appreciated all the writing tips and additional information that she would send throughout the week on the course material, and I felt that she was very involved and made it easy to come to her to ask for help.

Student 45: I really appreciated the care and concern Jenny exhibited in this course. I missed a deadline once for an assignment and she reached out to check on me to make sure I was ok. Jenny was great! I felt like she was really invested in making sure we did well and was always available to answer questions. This was my first class at SNHU and I’m so glad she was how I was introduced to this university! 

Student 46: I liked that all the assignments had a consistent set due date for each week and the materials were available ahead of time to get an early start if need be. I also liked how easy it was to communicate with my instructor when I needed to. She is a great instructor and open to emails to make sure you understand the topics and has fast replies to any questions you have.

Student 47: I liked getting the step by step on what to do and how to do it. My instructor was very helpful with everything. Keep being the helpful instructor you are. Thanks for everything.

Student 48: I felt like the course was very straightforward. I rarely questioned what was being asked of me. My instructor was always active in our discussion boards and I could tell she put a lot of thought into her responses. I only emailed her once, but her response was timely and thorough.

Student 49: I enjoyed this course and feel that I will be able to use what I have learned going forward. Jenny is a great instructor and I am happy to have been a part of her class! I will be able to write persuasive papers in my work and school going forward with the skills I have learned in this class.





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