2020 Positive Feedback Repository

Since early 2018, I realized how important it was to remember the positive aspects of teaching and what I am doing for my students. It’s easy to get bogged down by questions, complex issues, and the repetitiveness of grading, which is why I created my positive repository to help me remember all of the good that I do for my students and what I help them accomplish. That’s why I started keeping them as a reminder of the hard work I have done for my students!

Last year, I had a total of 44 students specifically leave me glowing feedback in after-class surveys or on the final day of a class as a private message or email, which can be found here: 2019 Positive Feedback Repository. How amazing is that??? I know many of my students won’t leave comments, or don’t complete evaluations at the end of the class, but I do appreciate those who take the time to do this.

I hope I can beat that number again for year 3! Thank you to all of my students for your comments. Please know that I appreciate every one of them!


Student 1: This is our last assignment and I really had a great time in this class. I learned so much and I think I’ve improved a lot too, so thank you for being the best online professor! I appreciate all the encouragement, time and effort you gave us students.

Student 2: This class has been very enjoyable because of you. You have always been clear in your instructions and expectations and have always been available for any help I have needed. Thank you.

Student 3: As this is our last week it seems fitting for me to thank you for all of your kind words and being the most memorable teacher, I have had thus far here at Baker. You are doing great and I can tell my other classmates feel the same. I am really becoming one with my writings and it is becoming more natural for me to do. This class has really helped me gather that and it has gained my confidence to want to write more.

Student 4: It’s seems pretty unanimous to me that we all feel that you have been a fantastic instructor and have made this class such an enjoyable experience. You have made every assignment so clear that I never once felt confused or apprehensive. You have been enormously supportive and there whenever I’ve needed you. I was dreading having to take this class, but I was basing that feeling on my experience in Comp I. It just was not very enjoyable to me at all.  I have enjoyed everything about this class and have learned so much and that is because of you. A million thank you’s! I will miss everyone!

Student 5: I’m very happy with you as an instructor and plan to look for you as an instructor again in the future! Your inline comments are always so helpful and descriptive!  I think that this course is imperative to my online learning! I continue to better my writing skills and the peer advising is always rewarding! 

Student 6: I definitely feel that I have become a better writer after taking your course! Since this was my first college course, I was extremely pleased on learning the different types of essays and the importance of APA and proper citations.

Student 7:  I came into this semester thinking that this class was going to suck again, and I was going to struggle through it but that was not the case. All in all, I had a really positive experience with this class. I started out slacking and just expecting to “check out” for the majority of it, but now it is the exact opposite. I would want myself to know that working hard to get good grades pays off. I am coming to the end of my first year in college, and I have come to realize that all of my classes require APA, even my anatomy class. Taking this class first was definitely a plus for future classes!

Student 8: I loved your feedback and you helped me a lot in developing my writing skills.


Student 9: As we wrap up our final days, I just wanted to again thank you for being a great teacher to us all in the crazy class. It makes a big difference when we have a teacher who helps us succeed. I have only three more classes to graduate and one is ENG 102 so you may be seeing me again lol.

Student 10: You were amazing!!!!! I really enjoyed this class and the participation everyone had, including you. I never felt like I couldn’t ask a question and the feedback was always awesome. Thanks

Student 11: Mrs. Mark is very encouraging and has helped develop my writing skills as well as my confidence in writing. This class was filled with great people that made coming back to college comfortable and easy.  Even though we are all behind our computers, I felt connected to each of you!

Student 12: Instructor gave great feedback on work. worked w/ us when we were struggling and gave us great and clear expectations.
Student 13: Jenny Mark is a great teacher. She responds to questions in a timely manner and is very thorough with feedback.
Student 14: It was a wonderful experience. I felt very comfortable in approaching Jenny and receiving positive feedback.
Student 15: Prof Mark was very organized and the modules served a purpose along with weekly announcements that were posted. She also responded quickly and was very detailed with her feedback on assignments. I appreciated that grades were given in a very timely manner. She was an excellent professor and made my transition back into college very smooth.
Student 16: My instructor was very helpful and her feedback on every assignment allowed me to improve and successfully complete the class.
Student 17: Jenny Mark was very helpful with questions I had and responded quickly.
Student 18: This course is confusing and times frustrating. Mrs Mark made it easier to follow and kept everyone updated and communicated beautifully. I had taken this course in the fall of 2019 and dropped because of a bad instructor who didn’t help. Because Mrs Mark is a good teacher she made this confusing course manageable
Student 19: Great feedback, super helpful. I learned a lot in this short time and I will be able to use it all in the next few years of school!
Student 20: I think that Jenny Mark is an excellent instructor. She gives great feedback on essays and was there to answer any questions


Student 21:  I do not know if you hear this enough, thank you for these last five weeks. Regardless of the final grade in this class I wanted you to know how you have helped me to stay the course with the University of Phoenix, because I was ready to quit right before entering your course. As you may not remember reading in my essay regarding my education journey and my awful encounter with my previous instructor, just before entering your course. I started the process of withdrawing from this college, I told myself this class was already paid for I may as well finish this course and if the instructor was difficult I can drop it. As the first week got underway your educational feedback and encouragement and the course itself were exactly what I needed. The education journey paper enlightened me with how I kept giving up in my education rather than to push forward through difficulty and to know that this is my journey and no one else’s! To not let someone else’s behavior, actions or words take that away from me. As an older student I was embarrassed by how much I did not know and how far I needed go. Now, I just see it as each week as one step closer to my goal, I am not where I want to be just yet, but I am not where I was. Your inspirational videos and your overall kindness, when I reached out to you stressing on not posting my discussion in the proper format just proved to me that you need to have some recognition from this school. I wanted UofP to have other instructors to see how you properly and respectfully go about feedback and communication with us students. I hope you do not mind but I did submit you for instructor of the year. I thought it was going to be anonymous but then after I submitted it then said it was going to share with you what I wrote, I was a tad bit embarrassed for you to see what I wrote about you but now I hope you can see it as you are doing an amazing job and should be praised and acknowledged for that. Thank you once again and I hope that I get to have you again somewhere along my education journey.

Student 22: The Instructor was very insightful and had a lot of feedback to my work that was helpful. Very nice to work with! What I have learned was relevant to my education goals because I learned how to write a proper essay. I also learned where my weaknesses was in writing and with the help on my instructor was able to fix and learn from my writing errors. I will also be able to take what I have learned this course through out my career as well. I enjoyed this course and learned a lot! 

Student 23: My course instructor was very nice and helpful. She was always gave good feedback and had my grades in every week. I really enjoyed having Jenny Mark as my instructor and I really hate that the course ended so soon. I learned a lot through out this course. Thank you for being an amazing instructor. I really enjoyed your kind feedback and I will miss working with you through out my degree program.


Student 24: My course instructor was very nice and helpful. She was always gave good feedback and had my grades in every week. I really enjoyed having Jenny Mark as my instructor and I really hate that the course ended so soon. I learned a lot through out this course. 


Student 25: My Instructor gave a lot of positive feedback to help me succeed

Student 26: I noticed that the instructor was very involved in providing as much information as possible for students.


Student 25: Very Supportive Instructor, and she is extremely helpful with recommended resources to improve with our writing.

Student 26: It was easy to process, it did not take much time and the instructor was great. I enjoyed this course. Very supportive, She was a great instructor, her instructions and feedback is very helpful as well as easy to process, it will defiantly help me in my future courses that involves writing a single source essay.

Student 27: Very pleased with Ms. Marks. She was very helpful.

Student 28: She did a very nice job. The only thing I would suggest is showing more examples. I am better with seeing an example versus looking it up and hoping its right.

Student 29: Jenny would answer my emails right away and she would explain the assignment instructions better through email if I didn’t get what it was asking in the first place. She’s a great teacher and I’m happy that I had her for this class.

Student 30: Ms Mark has me questioning my future career path. Her comments have made me reflect on my writing aptitude and inspired me to revisit doing writing professionally.

Student 31: Thank you for teaching me COM1020. I loved it that you interacted with us through the discussion board. Overall, this class has taught me more information than in a high school english class.

Student 32: Jenny Mark was very helpful and made sure we knew that if we needed anything she was there for us.

Student 33: She was great! 🙂 And this was my first class at SNHU & she did a great job making me feel welcome and not lost in the dark.

Student 34: My instructor was very knowledgeable, fair and consistent. She gave me the structure I needed to complete my work. The instructor did an amazing job. My instructor was very knowledgeable, fair and consistent. She gave me the structure I needed to complete my work. 

Student 35: I think my instructor was very helpful and gave me good feedback about my writing so I could write better in the future. I also liked that she included common writing problems such as when to use affect vs effect along with others.

Student 36: I love my instructor and the feedback that my instructor gave was very helpful when completing assignments and my instructor gave great advice. I may have to write presentations or grant requests at times. This course with Mrs. Mark has helped feel confident about having to do so.

Student 37: Mrs. Mark was very helpful and knowledgeable about the subject. I really enjoyed her class.


Student 38: This faculty member was always checking on me and making sure I knew my assignments were due. She helped me stay on top of my work. She helped me not quit when some days I wanted too.

Student 39: I have found my courses to be enlightening and educational. I love that I have been giving the tools I need to complete each assignment. I appreciate Ms. Mark. I believe she really cares about her students education and gave me many helpful hints and ways to learn more.


Student 40: All the practice and guidance from Mrs. Mark and our readings will help me hone my academic writing skills and hopefully, that will transfer to any business or scientific writing I may need to do someday.

Student 41: From the very first day of class till now you have been an amazing instructor and I would not recommend any suggestion as you are very helpful in all situations that have occurred. 

Student 42: I thought this class was better my second time around. I really like that Professor Mark, made sure that we were on track to get the assignments done and set out reminders about due dates. I think having a teacher that wants their students to succeed is very helpful!

Student 43: You have been an amazing instructor and have probably been the best one I have ever had!  Thank you so much for everything and keep doing an amazing job!




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