2024 Positive Feedback Repository

Each year, I start a new positive feedback repository. These little notes from students help me to remember why it is that I do as much as I can to help my students be successful and gain the useful skills they need to be better future students and create a better future for themselves. This can be tough at times – especially when pulling late, long hours reading essay after essay, trying to give detailed and specific feedback.

Keeping these little notes from my students helps me remember why I work so hard, and helps me to understand the influence I make on students. In 2023, I had 74 students leave me comments. 2023 Positive Feedback Repository

Student 1: I gave this score for the exceptional attentiveness shown by the faculty members, from the Technical Support Team to the Instructor. They demonstrate their care and are always available to assist us, the students. This feedback is based on my personal experiences. Thank you. She is charming, caring and attentive.

Student 2: I believe the University of Phoenix is a great school for online higher education. The staff is excellent in helping and reaching out when falling behind.

Student 3: Jenny Mark was very involved and helpful.

Student 4: i have enjoyed her as a teacher she was very helpful.






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