Since early 2018, I realized how important it was to remember the positive aspects of teaching and what I am doing for my students. It’s easy to get bogged down by questions, complex issues, and the repetitiveness of grading, which is why I created my positive repository to help me remember all of the good that I do for my students and what I help them accomplish. That’s why I started keeping them as a reminder of the hard work I have done for my students!

Last year, I had a total of 44 students specifically leave me glowing feedback in after-class surveys or on the final day of a class as a private message or email, which can be found here: 2019 Positive Feedback Repository. How amazing is that??? I know many of my students won’t leave comments, or don’t complete evaluations at the end of the class, but I do appreciate those who take the time to do this.

I hope I can beat that number again for year 3! Thank you to all of my students for your comments. Please know that I appreciate every one of them!


Student 1: This is our last assignment and I really had a great time in this class. I learned so much and I think I’ve improved a lot too, so thank you for being the best online professor! I appreciate all the encouragement, time and effort you gave us students.

Student 2: This class has been very enjoyable because of you. You have always been clear in your instructions and expectations and have always been available for any help I have needed. Thank you.

Student 3: As this is our last week it seems fitting for me to thank you for all of your kind words and being the most memorable teacher, I have had thus far here at Baker. You are doing great and I can tell my other classmates feel the same. I am really becoming one with my writings and it is becoming more natural for me to do. This class has really helped me gather that and it has gained my confidence to want to write more.

Student 4: It’s seems pretty unanimous to me that we all feel that you have been a fantastic instructor and have made this class such an enjoyable experience. You have made every assignment so clear that I never once felt confused or apprehensive. You have been enormously supportive and there whenever I’ve needed you. I was dreading having to take this class, but I was basing that feeling on my experience in Comp I. It just was not very enjoyable to me at all.  I have enjoyed everything about this class and have learned so much and that is because of you. A million thank you’s! I will miss everyone!

Student 5: I’m very happy with you as an instructor and plan to look for you as an instructor again in the future! Your inline comments are always so helpful and descriptive!  I think that this course is imperative to my online learning! I continue to better my writing skills and the peer advising is always rewarding! 

Student 6: I definitely feel that I have become a better writer after taking your course! Since this was my first college course, I was extremely pleased on learning the different types of essays and the importance of APA and proper citations.

Student 7:  I came into this semester thinking that this class was going to suck again, and I was going to struggle through it but that was not the case. All in all, I had a really positive experience with this class. I started out slacking and just expecting to “check out” for the majority of it, but now it is the exact opposite. I would want myself to know that working hard to get good grades pays off. I am coming to the end of my first year in college, and I have come to realize that all of my classes require APA, even my anatomy class. Taking this class first was definitely a plus for future classes!

Student 8: I loved your feedback and you helped me a lot in developing my writing skills.

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